Environmentally Friendly(biodegradable, plant-based)High-performance(customizable, functions addable per client needs, our unique spinning/sheet-making technology)

The main material in ECORISE™ is plant-based polylactic acid (PLA), an environmentally friendly material that can biodegrade and compost under industrial compost conditions.

Customizations can be made per the needs of the customer.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    ECORISE™ is an environmentally friendly nonwoven fabric. It is a material that offers outstanding biodegradability and is good for both the planet and its people.

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  • Variation

    ECORISE™ comes in regular and soft types. It is also thermoformable and can be utilized in various products.

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  • Customize

    A variety of nonwoven fabrics utilizing our unique technology can be proposed. Please consult us regarding combinations of heat resistance, waterproofing, etc.

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  • Application

    We present a wide variety of applications for food products such as teabags and coffee filters, as well as agricultural and industrial materials, etc

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Environmentally Friendly

  • Biodegradability

    ECORISE™ aims to utilize sustainable resources. It has biodegradability and can compost under industrial compost conditions.
    It has obtained OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification (TUV AUSTRIA) and Compostable certification under the BPI (USA) and has passed the ASTM-D6400 industrial compostable product test.


    Compostable in Industrial Facilities

    * BPI: Biodegradable Products Institute
    A biodegradability certification system published by a biodegradable material certifying body in the United States.
    Its purpose is to encourage the use of biodegradable products. The biodegradability of company products is recognized internationally.

    OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification (TUV AUSTRIA)

    OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification (TUV AUSTRIA)

    * OK compost INDUSTRIAL:
    A type of biodegradable plastic certification conducted by TUV AUSTRIA. It verifies that the compost can be biodegraded in municipal landfills and that the compost is safe for the environment.

  • Plant-based and planet-friendly

    The main material is a plant-based plastic, making possible the manufacturing of products that contribute to a resource-circulating society with a small environmental burden.
    Plant-based materials can reduce the burden on the environment, and carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced greatly when looking at the overall life cycle of products.
    It is a planet-friendly material that can save valuable oil resources without increasing atmospheric CO2.

  • Also human-friendly

    It is a material that complies with the food contact material standards of the FDA (USA) meaning people, including everyone from children to adults, can use it with peace of mind.
    As it can be used as a food contact material, it can also be utilized as a material for food-related products.


  • Regular

    • Boasts features such as a high level of web evenness, air permeability, no napping, edge fray resistance, etc.

    • Offers abundant variations, meeting practically any customer needs.

    • Binder-free and pure spunbond nonwoven fabric.

  • Soft

    • Made of crimped and modified cross-section filaments.

    • Large openings between filaments provide high bulk.

    • Has a distinctive soft texture never seen in biodegradable spunbond nonwoven fabric before.

  • Thermoformable

    • Capable of thermoforming

      ECORISE™ is also a material that changes shape easily when heated and can be flexibly molded into various shape through press molding.

    • Diagram of thermoforming process

      The material changes shape easily by heat press.


      Thermoformable Preheating
      Thermoformable PreheatingThermoformable Preheating
      Thermoformable Preheating


      Press molding

      Thermoformable Press molding
      Thermoformable Press molding
      Thermoformable Press molding

      Heated mold


      Thermoformable Cooling
      Thermoformable CoolingThermoformable Cooling
      Thermoformable Cooling


      (Conditions differ depending on application, shape, and facility conditions. Please consult for details.)


    ECORISE™ keeps its permeability even after thermoformed.


Proposals of a variety of biodegradable nonwoven fabrics utilizing our unique technology can be made per customer needs.

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We offer customization proposals for various applications. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

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Offers high performance in a variety of disposable applications for which biodegradability is required.

  • Food

    As it can be used as a food contact material, ECORISE™ can be utilized in a wide range of applications ranging from industrial products to household supplies such as beverage filters, coffee filters, etc.

    • Tea bag

      Outstanding web evenness, extractability, and particle retention.

    • Coffee

      Large-volume 3D filter thanks to thermoformability.

    • Food packaging

      Distinctive spunbond design characteristics, texture, and performance result in environmentally friendly food packaging.

  • Agricultural and Industrial material

    Agricultural materials (planting pots utilizing moldability), wipers (flexible and high-strength, liquid retention), etc.

    • Seedling pot

      Plant pots featuring superior air and water permeability.

    • Desiccant packet

      For disposable packaging made with functional materials, such as desiccants, etc.

    • Surgical mask

      As a material in disposable masks.

    • Wiper

      Wipers that are both strong and environment-compatible.

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ECORISE™ is an environmentally friendly compostable nonwoven fabric developed

Environmentally Friendly High-performance

ECORISE™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Asahi Life Materials.